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The Help Exchange program ( is an online platform that links travellers with hosts who need some help in their homes. We've been hosting guests under the Help Exchange program (HelpX for short!) since 2015, and we've found it's a great chance for our community to welcome visitors and to get some help with everyday tasks and chores in exchange for providing accommodation.


If you're interested in staying at Murundaka as a HelpX guest please view our profile on the HelpX website and send us a message. If you're not enrolled in the program, but are interested in finding out more, please send an email to our Help Exchange team.


Our community values and HelpX stays:

1. It's not just a work exchange, it's also a social / cultural exchange. While we value the help we receive from our HelpX guests it's not just about getting chores done. For our community this is also a social and cultural exchange. It's a chance for travellers or interested people to experience living in an intentional community, and it's also an opportunity for our community to meet someone new and learn about them, where they come from, their culture / thinking, and maybe share a few recipes.


2. We're not a drop-in centre. If all is going well, we like guests to stay for a minimum of two weeks. This gives us a good chance to get to know our guests. Longer stays also reduce the workload involved with inducting new guests and hosting responsibilities. To reduce the impact on our community, we prefer that guests don't use Murundaka as a 'base' for other travel (i.e. staying for mulitple short periods in-between travel to other parts of the state / country). We prefer longer, dedicated, quality stays.


3. Safety, respect, health & happiness. As a community we value the safety, respect, health and happiness of individuals and the community around us. If any issues arise during a stay we do our best to resolve problems, but we also reserve the right to end a stay at any time.


4. Open communication. As a community we value open and direct communication with one another. We encourage HelpX guests to communicate any issues to us and we will do our best to find solutions. Likewise, we will also try and communicate with our guests in an open, direct and respectful manner.



Mikoto (Murundaka resident and Help X coordinator) with French Help X guest Tom.

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