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We welcome paying guests to stay at Murundaka. We enjoy the experience of meeting new people, sharing stories, and making connections around cohousing and community living. 


If you're interested in staying at Murundaka as a paying guest please send us an email to check availability and conditions. Staying guests pay $25 per adult per night (or $150 per adult per week) and that grants access to private accommodation with a Queen-sized bed, as well as access to shared facilities: including bathroom, shower, kitchen, laundry, dining room, lounge room, and garden spaces.


Our community values and external guests:

1. It's not just about providing accommodation, it's about sharing our home and community. While we value meeting new people and having guests stay at Murundaka, we're not an accommodation provider and it's not just about providing beds for guests. Murundaka is our home, and as such we are a little bit choosey about the people who stay here. We like to get to know you a bit before committing to a stay: this could involve you coming around for a community dinner ahead of time, or a Skype chat for overseas visitors. We try and make sure that guests are a good fit for Murundaka, and likewise, Murundaka is the right place for the guest and the experience they are looking for.


2. Notice please! We appreciate that plans change, but we ask for at least one months' notice of an intended stay. This gives us time to connect with you before the stay (as per above) and make sure all arrangements are in place. We prefer guests to stay for a minimum of two weeks (this gives us a good chance to get to know our guests), but appreciate that that is not always possible. Longer stays also reduce the workload involved with inducting new guests and hosting responsibilities. To reduce the impact on our community, we prefer that guests don't use Murundaka as a 'base' for other travel (i.e. staying for mulitple short periods in-between travel to other parts of the state / country). We prefer longer, dedicated, quality stays.


3. Safety, respect, health & happiness. As a community we value the safety, respect, health and happiness of individuals and the community around us. If any issues arise during a stay we do our best to resolve problems, but we also reserve the right to end a stay at any time. Guests will be refunded any advance payments not used.


4. Open communication. As a community we value open and direct communication with one another. We encourage guests to communicate any issues to us and we will do our best to find solutions. Likewise, we will also try and communicate with our guests in an open, direct and respectful manner.



Seila and Mikoto with yummy garden greens!

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