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Guidelines for guests of

Murundaka Cohousing

Things to know when you use our Common House for your function:


Our community is happy to welcome you and your group to this wonderful space. The Common House is an extension of our individual units and we consider it our home.

Below are our house rules that you will need to follow when using our space for your function. We have organised them in a list to make them simple to apply. Here they are:

  • A Murundaka resident will be nominated as your host for the duration of the event. They will be responsible for welcoming you on site, communication with your group before, during and after the event (including invoicing, if applicable), letting our other residents know about your event as well as ensuring that all points below are respected.

  • Your pets are not allowed on site - with the exception of guide dogs.

  • Smoking on site is not allowed, so please move to the nature strip out front to light up, away from any buildings and dispose of your cigarette butts in one of our rubbish bins outside (in the car park). We have very sensitive smoke detectors both inside and outside in our common buildings and in the event that our fire alarm system is activated by cigarette smoke, any costs incurred from the Fire Department will be passed on to those responsible.

  • Our kitchen is well supplied with preparation, cooking and eating utensils, and these are available for your use. Everything is well labelled and easy to locate. Please make sure you return anything you use to the designated location. If you are unsure of how something works, please ask your host. We do store some food in our pantry and cool room and ask that you do not use these.

  • When (re)moving furniture, please make sure you put things back where you found them after use.

  • When hosting a function for more than 10 people, please make sure you take your packaging and landfill with you. We are monitoring our weekly rubbish output for research purpose and your added rubbish would alter our numbers. There are labelled compost buckets underneath the rear bench and we encourage you to use these for your food waste.

  • After your function: please ensure that the space is clean. Your contact person will show you where to get cleaning products and equipment such as brooms, vacuum cleaners etc.

  • Depending on your use of the space, areas that will need cleaning include: Dishes, kitchen surfaces, cook tops, table-tops, Common House floor and toilets. If you use our dishwasher, you will need to factor this into your pack up time (1.5hrs), or return the next day in the case of night-time events.

  • If you break any glass or crockery, please remember to donate $2 for the replacement of each item. The donation jar is situated on the bench near our notice board.

  • Please advise your Murundaka host if a piece of furniture or equipment gets damaged. We will endeavour to replace it at minimal cost to you.

  • If your guests include children, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are supervised at all times. We have extensive gardens and animals on site and it isn’t appropriate for children to be unsupervised at any time whilst here.

  • After your function, please check that you have emptied the dishwashers, checked that all cleaning is appropriate, that all monies are paid and that all is in order with your Murundaka host. If you are finishing up late, you may need to come back the following day to empty the dishwasher, or organise for someone else to do it for you (ask your host about this.)

  • Fees are to be negotiated with your Murundaka host prior to confirmation of your event. Our fees have been calculated to cover the use of water, gas, electricity as well as general wear and tear to our facilities.

We wish you a wonderful time in our big and beautiful space. We wish your function to be a success and we hope to see you come back year after year.

Kindly, Murundaka residents

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